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MKTG341 Chapter 2

The business business cycle cycle cycle cycle

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Unformatted text preview: Cycle Cycle Cycle Cycle Inflation Inflation Interest Interest Rates Rates Rates Rates Competition Rivals Rivals Rivals Rivals for for Customers’ ffor Customers’ or Limited Limited Limited Limited Buying Buying Buying Power Buying Power Brand Brand Competition Competition Substitute Substitute Substitute Substitute Products Products Products Products Differential Advantage Differential Advantage Every Every Company Company Company Company S ocial and Cultural Forces People Make People Make Markets Markets Socio-cultural Socio-cultural Patterns Patterns Changing Quickly Changing Quickly Lifestyles Lifestyles Values Values Beliefs Beliefs Money Management Not Gender Specific People Are Health Conscious and Time Constrain Concern over Environment S ocial and Cultural Changes Concern for Concern for Natural Natural Natural Environment Natural Environment Quality not Quality not Quantity Quantity Changing Gender Roles Changing Gender Roles Two Incomes Two Incomes and Balance and Balance Premium on Time Premium on Time Convenience Convenience Physical Fitness and Physical Fitness and Health Health Exercise and Diet Exercise and Diet P olitical and Legal Forces Monetary Monetary Monetary Monetary and and Fiscal Fiscal Fiscal Policies Fiscal Policies Governmental Governmental Relationship Relationship Relationship Relationship with with Industries Industries IIndustries ndustries Social Legislation Social Legislation and and Regulation Regulation Legislation Legislation Related Related Related Related to to Marketing Marketing Legislation Affecting Marketing Regulate Competition Sherman Antitrust Act Federal Trade Commiss...
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