International Trade Finance

International Trade Finance

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Unformatted text preview: ices for export Direct loan program/loan guarantee program provides fixed rate financing to eligible and creditworthy international UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA Government assistance programs (cont.) Foreign Corporation Insurance Agency (FCIA) Created with the purpose of promoting US exports through the extension of credit insurance Cover commercial risks such as bankruptcy, insolvency, protracted default, and breach of contract Cover political risks such as war, embargos, riots, civil commotion, strikes, currency inconvertibility, expropriation, nationalization, and contract frustration Offers marine insurance to cover losses attributable to physical loss or damage to goods in transit § • • • • UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA Overseas private investment corporation (opic) § Created to facilitate the participation of US private capital in the economic development of less developed countries § To provide political risk insurance to US companies and financing through direct loans and guarantees UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA Small business administration(sba) Export Working Capital Program – encourages private lenders to extend export working capital financing to US businesses for the acquisition of inventory, payment of manufacturing costs, or acquisition of goods destined for export. § International Trade Loan Program – supports medium and long-term working capital loans which are used to expand existing export markets, develop new export markets, or assist small businesses adversely affected by imports. § Export Express Program – encourages lenders to expedite loan review and approval processes for SBA guaranteed loans to be used for market development activity (such as foreign trade commissions), transaction-specific financing, lines of credit for export activities and working capital, and fixed asset financing. § UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA...
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