Deliverable 01 - Project Plan

Furthermore the product should output the correct

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Unformatted text preview: es have been implemented, the design criteria satisfied and the desired output obtained. Page 2 of 5 Testing • • • Description: The testing process includes a thorough and exhaustive run- through and test of all the conditions and variables in the running of the product. This phase is responsible for discovering any and all possible bugs and anomalies in the product. This process also consists of various sub- processes such as Quality Control and Test Cases & Strategy. Entrance Criteria: Successful completion of implementation and an apparent desired output. Exit Criteria: To achieve comprehensive functional coverage of the product in design of the test cases. Furthermore, the product should output the correct anticipated results for all of the designed test cases. The testing phase can be exited when the testing team concludes that the product is bug free and is operating as per requirements. Other points to note For the purposes of this project, documentation is another sub- process that takes place concurrently along with each of the other projects as a meta requirement (such as, this project plan document itself). Page 3 of 5 3. Team Team Members (in...
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