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3 user interfaces the default delimiters are

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Unformatted text preview: the customer. However, the application should not write to the file that is being read. o Only one file is entered as the main argument while evoking the Word Counter application. Dependencies: o Vanilla Java Runtime 1.6. o The Word Counter application also assumes all of the default components/libraries required to run JDK version 1.6. Page 2 of 5 3. System Requirements These are higher- level requirements that cover the technical aspects of the system. 3.1 Functional Requirements • • • • • • • The application should output the total word count of the target file as a numerical figure. The application should not modify The product should be able to differentiate words from user- defined delimiters as per the - c flag (see 2.3 User Interfaces). The default delimiters are: { ‘ ‘ , ‘.’ , ‘,’ , ‘;’ , ‘:’ } The product should assume 1- character as the default character length of a word. This can be overridden by the - l flag (see 2.3 User Interfaces). The product should be able to handle invalid or missing arguments and report them as exceptions. Only one target file may be used to per evocation of the Word Counter application. 3.2 Non- Functional Requirements • • • • • • The product should be able to process files at a speed of at least 500KB/second (KB = Kilobyte). The target file may only be read, and not written (*1). The application will assume that the target file is accessible; i.e., not protected by encryptions, passwords or file security (*2). No accessibility requirements exist. All interfa...
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