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If unspecified the default value is set to 1 if there

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Unformatted text preview: the quotes will count as a delimiter, used to count separate words in the target file. The double quote character itself may be used as a delimiter if escaped correctly. If unspecified, the default set of delimiters are: “ .,;:”. o - l <integer> §༊ <integer> should contain a numerical integer that specifies the minimum character length to be considered as a single word. If unspecified, the default value is set to 1. If there is an exception or a fault, the application will display an error message to the user in the following format: o ERROR: <situation or type of exception> 2.3 User Characteristics • The product is not domain specific to any particular class of users or demographic. However, the user must be able to evoke the application via command line (see 2.2 User Interfaces) and provide the appropriate arguments. 2.4 Assumptions and Dependencies • • Assumptions: o By default, the application assumes 5 characters as delimiters if unspecified via an argument flag (see 2.3 User Interfaces). These five characters are: white space, period, comma, semi- colon and colon. No other character, including new line, count as delimiters. o The file type and extension do not matter. Every byte in the file should be treated as an ASCII character and the application should return an accurate word count for all types of files, even if they contain music, video or other complex types of data. o No additional features have been requested. o Security is not an important feature to...
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