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Deliverable 02 - Requirements Document

The program should read asci data and output a number

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Unformatted text preview: cing with the application must be done via console. User documentation (a manual page) must be completed for the customer. The application’s handling of gigantic sized files must be elegant and stable. Test cases shall be formulated to account for and measure all kinds of usage scenarios. 3.2.1 Software Quality Attributes • • *1: Security is not an important attribute for this application or the system. *2: Privacy is not an important attribute for this application or the system. Page 3 of 5 APPENDIX A: Transcript of interview with customer “Wei” Dated August 27, 2012 This rough transcript is not part of the official requirements document, but instead serves as a referential supplement. /* - - TRANSCRIPT START - - */ Can you start by defining what you want the program to do? We want to count the words in a file and using a limiter to separate the words. We want a set of 5 limiter characters by default: white space, period, comma, colon and semi- colon. What format will you provide the file in? Is it a word document, text file? The program should accept any format. Image, word, video - doesn’t matter. Consider them interpreted as binary data - even for random files. The program should read ASCI data and output a number. Should numerical values count as a word? You don't care what's in between limiters. Syntactic grammar: does comma, apostrophe count as a word? No, unless specifie...
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