7 3 d molecular shape and vision when the shape

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Unformatted text preview: -D Molecular Shape and Vision • When the shape changes, the molecule no longer fits with the protein, and they separate. • This change in shape and separation from the protein contributes to the electrical signal that travels through your neurons as vision. 8 4 Absorption spectra for retinal in the variations of binding proteins in rods and cones The wavelength where retinal absorbs depends on the environment in which it is in, which generates different cones. Together, the rod and cones absorb over the entire visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum 9 How do we see stuff that is colored? White Light Wavelengths we don t see because they are absorbed We see the wavelengths that get reflected (or transmitted) demo 10 5 Spectroscopy Different molecules can absorb light of different colors (energies). 11 Demo Absorption depends on concentration 12 6 Absorption depends on concentration Absorbance = l C = molar absorptivity l = path length C = concentation Labs 4 and 5 dealt with absorption of visible light and determination of concentration. 13 How chemists use U...
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