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homework 12 solutions

One is made of pure cu and the other is made of cu332

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Unformatted text preview: sing temperature. B) The room ­temperature resistivity of pure copper is 1.7x10 ­8 Ω ­m. The resisivity of pure nickel is 7x10 ­8 Ω ­m. Breifly explain why the room ­temperature resistivity of the Cu ­3.32 at% Ni alloy is almost as high as pure Ni despite the fact that this alloy is primarily copper. C) According to the adjacent diagram, deforming pure copper increases its resistivity by a factor of about 2 times. Briefly explain why. D) Ohm's Law (V=IR) relates the applied voltage, V, to the current, I, that flows through a material whose resistance is R. Consider two round wires with identical dimensions (1 m long, 1 mm radius)...
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