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B at 573 oc sic is a semiconductor with a gap energy

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Unformatted text preview: ontains 4 Si atoms and 4 C atoms. B) At 573 oC β-SiC is a semiconductor with a gap energy of 1.9 eV. Draw a well-labelled sketch of an energy-band diagram for b-SiC. C) Quantitatively determine whether a light photon with a wavelength of 632 nm (red) will have enough energy to excite an electron from the conduction band to the vcalence band of β-SiC. Is β-SiC transparent to 632 nm light?. A) In the sketch: the Si atoms are on a FCC lattice. the C atoms are all in the unit cell. B) E=0 Empty Conduction Band Eg = 1.9 eV Filled Valence Band C) 632 nm < 654 nm, therefore,...
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