Commuter and passenger trains the commuter and

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Unformatted text preview: d 1967 were recently sold for almost 90% of the original manufactured cost! Commuter and Passenger Trains: The commuter and passenger rail category has an enormous variety of train designs and structures. These range from the light rail, commuter and metro trains, and trams to the more substantial inter-city and express trains. Alstom, a leading transnational corporation and producer of the European TGV and of Pendolino-type trains, has a comprehensive description of some of these trains available on their website.10 In these trains the structural loads imposed by the passengers and their seating dictate the designs. Here the advantage of long aluminum extrusions has become LIGHT METAL AGE, OCTOBER 2007 LIGHT METAL AGE, OCTOBER 2007 The weight reduction enabled by the use of aluminum is also critical in the newer inter-city tilting, or Pendolinotype, trains. Pendolino, which means pendulum in Italian, was the company that pioneered this tilting development and was taken over by Alstom in 2002. Just as a cyclist leans into the curve as he rounds a bend, the tilting train leans into curves and can...
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