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So the trade off is whether the improvements in

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Unformatted text preview: hanical properties, however, the extrusion rate of this alloy is somewhat slower, and hence production costs can be expected to be higher. So the trade-off is whether the improvements in mechanical properties, weldability, and corrosion resistance from the scandium addition to the 7xxx alloy are sufficient to overcome some increase in material cost. To date, scandium has only been used in relatively small quantities in high performance sporting goods such as baseball bats and archery arrows, and it remains to be established how widespread the use of these alloys will become. As the construction techniques of the advanced trains become more akin to aerospace technology, it could well be that the scandium modified 7xxx alloy could provide some significant system advantage. For example, a higher strength extrusion (due to the addition of a scandium-containing alloy) when used to build a total assembly might enable certain design improvements such as the need for less material resulting in a lighter, more fuel efficient system. Frictio...
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