The 6xxx series alloys aluminummagnesium silicon

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Unformatted text preview: he wall can be manipulated by a single worker, thereby saving labor. The 6xxx series alloys (aluminummagnesium-silicon) normally used for this application offer excellent extrudability, as well as moderate strength and high corrosion resistance, and as a result the wall can be used unpainted and the cut ends of extrusions need not be sealed. The overall aluminum side wall is virtually maintenance free (Figure 2b).9 dominant. These rail cars are made of longitudinal extrusions that run the total length of the car, and the individual extrusions are then welded together longitudinally. In the case of the Washington, DC metro system, these extrusions are 75 feet long. The overall structure is then stiffened by horizontal members that are attached around doors and windows. The floor structure is strengthened by the use of the hollow, integrally stiffened extrusions and the area near the wheel bogie is strengthened by several transverse members. This design also minimizes the number of parts required, as compared...
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