The results from recent modeling of comprehensive

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Unformatted text preview: y considered one of the most sustainable metals due to its excellent recyclability and the fact that recycling saves ~95% of both the energy and emissions, as compared to making the metal from the ore. The results from recent modeling of comprehensive life cycle studies indicate that aluminum will become “climate neutral” by the year 2020.20 To date, no other metal has been able to make such a claim. In other words, the fuel savings achieved through the lightweighting of transportation vehicles by increased aluminum usage, and the resulting reduction of CO2 emissions, will more than compensate for the additional CO2 emissions generated by the production of the additional metal. In rail transportation, the data has not been as well documented but in the case of automobiles, a 10% reduction of vehicle mass translates directly to a fuel saving of 6-8%, with an equivalent reduction in the CO2 emissions derived from the fuel. Accordingly, the various attributes of aluminum and especially its light weight, durability, and corrosion resistance will ensure that al...
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