This development is especially important in improving

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Unformatted text preview: negotiate bends at ~35% higher speed than compared to conventional trains. This development is especially important in improving the speed of inter-city service without making significant and costly track modifications or building new rail lines exclusively for high speed service. The Acela train, which operates in the northeast corridor of the U.S., (Figure 4) is one example of the tilting train, though in this case some design considerations compromised the extent of the benefit that could be derived by the tilting mechanism. Many tilting, Pendolino-type trains are operating throughout Europe (the French TGV), and one recently achieved the Czech Republic rail speed record of 237 km/hr. Another recent development in some of these trains is the regeneration of electricity when braking. Operational experience indicates an energy savings of 9  Table I. Aluminum attributes in rail applications. and corrosion performance,14, 16 but the development of friction stir welding, which is discussed hereafter, may change that situation. It is int...
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