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With their projected long service life and corrosion

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Unformatted text preview: se the new AVC cars to Canadian National (CN). With their projected long service life and corrosion-free aluminum superstructure, we are confident the AVC cars will serve CN and its customers well.” In addition, Bill Wiles, vice president, automotive for Johnstown America stated, “Rugged, yet light, the AVC is designed for minimum outof-service time, further reducing the cost of operation. A LIGHT METAL AGE, OCTOBER 2007 LIGHT METAL AGE, OCTOBER 2007 Figure 2a. Aluminum Vehicle Carrier (AVC). (Photo courtesy of Johnson America Corp.) longer-term benefit is that through an AAR exemption, the aluminum superstructure never needs recertification over its extended life span.” One of the most significant advantages of aluminum is the application of internally-stiffened large hollow extrusions to fabricate moveable side walls for freight cars. As compared to conventional steel walls, this type of design enables the wall to be fabricated with many fewer parts, reducing the extent of welding required, and is significantly lighter, which has the further advantage that t...
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