Chapter 2- Frequency Distributions

3 the lowest score of each class interval should be a

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Unformatted text preview: 0, 20. 3. The lowest score of each class interval should be a multiple of the width. 4. All intervals should be the same width and cover the entire range of scores with no gaps or overlaps. This way, each score belongs to an interval. These are ways to document this with graphs • Histogram o Height of bar goes with the frequency for the category o Continuous variables: width extends to the real limits of the category o Discrete variables: each bar extends exactly half the distance to the adjacent category on each side • Polygons • Bar Graphs • Line Graphs Symmetrical Distribution: When it is possible to draw a vertical line through the middle so that both sides are equal (A normal distribution bell curve) Skewed Distribution: Scores are more on one end of the graph than the other Tail: The section of scores that taper off to one end Positively Skewed: When the tail is on the right hand side of the distribution Negatively Skewed: When the tail is on the left hand side of the distribution Rank/Percentile Rank: Determined by the number of individuals that scored the same or le...
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