Chapter 2- Frequency Distributions

In question percentile what a score is referred to

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Unformatted text preview: ss than the score in question. Percentile: What a score is referred to when a score is identified by its percentile rank Cumulative Frequencies: The number of individuals located at or below each score. Cumulative Percentages: Finding the percentage of the cumulative frequencies Formulas Proportions: p=f÷N Percentage: p(100)= f÷N(100) Cumulative Percentage: c%= cf÷N (100%) Graphing Guidelines 1. The height of a graph should be approximately two-thirds to threequarters of its length. 2. Normally zero remains at the x-axis/y-axis intersection but if zero is a value, it needs to be moved away from the intersection so that the graph does not overlap....
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