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02. 2011-01-05

Man made system examples of questions environmental

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Unformatted text preview: . Human intestine • Natural system? • Man-made system? Examples of Questions Environmental Microbiologists Ask Diversity • Do all microbes produce methane? If not, which ones do? • What are their characteristics? • How to they produce it? • Why to they produce it? Examples of Questions Environmental Microbiologists Ask Impact How does microbial methane production affect the biotic and abiotic environment (including humans)? How do humans affect the microbial production of methane? Examples of Questions Environmental Microbiologists Ask Applications How do humans exploit the microbial production of methane? Landfill: turning garbage into methane MICB 201: Prokaryotic Diversity, Impact, Applications • Introduction to Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity • Diversity: Prokaryotic Cell Structure and Locomotion • Diversity: Prokaryotic Genomes and Gene Expression • Diversity: Prokaryotic Cell division and Reproduction • Impact: Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria • Diversity: Prokaryotic Nutrition • Diversity: Prokaryotic Metabolism • Diversity: Prokaryotic Growth and Environment • Impact: Food Bourne-Illness and Control of Bacteria in the Food Industry • Impact/Applications: Life on the Rocks • Impact/Applications: Bacteria and Archaea on the Farm • Impact/Applications: Cleaning-up with Prokaryotes A hostile microbial world? • The development of Microbiology as a discipline and the understanding of infectious disease are connected historically. • Today microorganisms are viewed mainly as ag...
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