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notes on oliver twist

notes on oliver twist - Nancy is a survivor Go from one...

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Plot thickens- growing and multiplying. Dickens contract is almost at a close. Instead of on major plot we are getting many miniature plots form different perspectives Mult., Pts. Mult. Perspectives, mult. Plots Nancy and Oliver Pg 234 Rose and Nancy have a dialoge. There was a conversation between women of contrasting and discussing of problems. Oliver and Monk related. Oliver is monks little brother Converging plots. Coming together…a force is building. Dickens contract is almost at a close. Moving from realism to romanticism. Artificial increased Noah Claypole reenters readers sometimes like or dislikes
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Unformatted text preview: Nancy is a survivor. Go from one world to the next she has to betray the other. Chapters 36 n 37 give insight into love, marriage, and inner gender roles. Battle of the sexes The poorest of women treated- Noah’s control over Charlotte. Nancy tries to leave to meet rose but Sikes wont allow it. Lower classes physical control. Upperclass women not control the same way. Women are less controlled more willing to challenge the man’s hold. Economic power of each man they took/treated their women....
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