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Nonmerchant e commerce companies are auctions and

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Unformatted text preview: merce auctions match buyers and sellers by using an e-commerce version of a standard auction Clearinghouses provide goods and services at a stated price and arrange for the delivery of the goods, but they never take title Electronic exchanges match buyers and sellers; the business process is similar to that of a stock exchange 1-9 Benefits of E-Commerce 1-10 Issues with E-Commerce Channel conflict Price conflict Logistics expense Customer service expense Showrooming Taxation What is Social Networking, and How is it Enabled and Affected by IS/IT? A social network is a structure of individuals and organizations that are related to each other in some way Social networking is the process by which individuals use relationships to communicate with others in a social network 1-11 1-12 What is Social Capital? Business literature defines three types of capital: Physical: the investment of resources for future profit Human: the investment in human knowledge and skills for future profit Social: investment in social relations with the expectation of returns in the marketplace Social Capital adds value in four ways: Information Influence Social credentials Personal reinforcement 1-13 The Importance of Weak Relationships Strong relationships create the most social capital in a social network Weak relationships contribute the most to the growth of social networks Weak tie: the people you know the least but they contribute the most to your network Weak links add the greatest number of n...
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