Bio151 Sp13 Exam 2 answer key (1)

15 b 30 c 35 d 70 e 85 open response

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Unformatted text preview: passed’ from the tRNA in the P- site to the tRNA in the A- site. D. The new tRNA must first bind to the P- site of the ribozome. E. None of the above answers is correct B18. During transcription of a particular gene, the RNA polymerase will transcribe: A. Both strands, but only one of RNA molecule will be used. B. Only one of the DNA strands, moving in a 3’ to 5’ direction along the template. C. Both strands, but moving 3’ to 5’ for one and 5’ to 3’ along the other. D. Only the exons of the gene while skipping over the introns. E. None of the above answers is correct B19. Since the two strands of the DNA molecule are complementary, for any given gene: A. The RNA polymerase can bind to either strand. B. Only one strand actually carries the genetic...
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