Bio151 Sp13 Exam 2 answer key (1)

D the rna molecule is translated into a protein

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Unformatted text preview: . Tertiary Structure A12. Di- sulfide bonds E13. The presence of a poly- A tail on a RNA molecule indicates that: A. There are exons present that must be removed. B. This RNA molecule does not contain introns. C. The transcript should be immediately degraded. D. This is a rRNA molecule. E. None of the above answers is correct D14. A ‘proteasome’ is a large structure in the cytoplasm that: A. Translates mRNA into protein B. Processes RNA C. Supercoils DNA D. Enzymatically degrades proteins E. None of the above answers is correct C15. During "RNA processing" A. All of the exons are removed and discarded B. The RNA molecule is made from a DNA template. C. Introns are cut from the RNA and the exons are spliced together. D. The RNA molecule is translated into a protein molecule. E. None...
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