Bio151 Sp13 Exam 2 answer key (1)

Francis discussion section numbertas name or ds

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Unformatted text preview: owth temperature for this organism is 80°C. You look at the amino acid sequence of your enzyme of interest and are surprised to see a higher than normal number of cysteines in the amino acid sequence of your enzyme. Given what you know about protein folding, which types of bonds might you expect to see more of in this enzyme? A. Hydrogen bonds B. Electrostatic interactions C. Di- sulfide bonds D. Hydrophobic or Van Der Waals E. Peptide bonds Bio151 Sp13 Name: Exam 2 Prof. Francis Discussion Section number/TA’s name or DS day/time: Questions 9- 12 For each of the following, determine which types of bonds are involved. A. Covalent only B. Non- covalent only C. Both A9. Primary Structure B10. Secondary Structure C11...
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