Bio100 F12 Exam 1 answer key

A differentiating neuron cell explain which pieces of

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Unformatted text preview: h of these (and there could be more than one) would you recommend that he look for…and why? Ryan would look for mRNA and protein because they will be present only in stem cells. The NANOG gene will be present in both differentiated and stem cells. Question 2 (12 points) Use diagram 2 to answer the following questions You are studying a developing chick embryo and decide to isolate a cell and figure out what kind of cell it is. Your tests find that: - There is an SR receptor in the membrane but it is not active - The ID genes are not being expressed - TF of the Neuron pathway is not present - The Neuron DIFF genes are not being expressed - TF of the Skin DIFF pathway is in the nucleus A. (2 pts) Which signals must have been received by this cell in...
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