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Bio100 F12 Exam 1 answer key

B4 cells duplicate their dna during m phase of the

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Unformatted text preview: hways only function in stem cells, they don’t function in differentiated cells. A2. Stem cells divide, but mature cells don’t divide. B3. Stem cells are never rejected by the immune system whereas mature cells from non- matching donors are rejected. B4. Cells duplicate their DNA during M- phase of the cell cycle. Use the basic signaling diagram (Diagram 1) to answer the following questions: Once the signal is present, which of the following are true? (A = Yes; B = No) B5. If TFa is not present in the cell, TK2 could enter the nucleus and activate gene expression. B6. If TFa is never phosphorylated then RNA polymerase does not function in the cell. A7. Binding of the signal to the receptor begins the phosphorylation cascade. A8. TK1 activates TK2 by transferring a...
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