Bio100 F12 Exam 1 answer key

Question 2 12 points use diagram 2 to answer the

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Unformatted text preview: on was intended to say that the kinase activated TK2, but I forgot to add that so people may have interpreted the action of the additional kinase as being positive or negative. Bio100 F12 Exam 1 Prof. Francis 3 Bio100 Sections B and C Fall 2012; Exam 1 Professor Francis Open Response Questions Question 1 (3 points) You’re friend, Ryan, is studying the NANOG gene, which is expressed in stem cells only. Ryan isolates a group of cells from a patient and wants to determine whether they are stem cells or not. Ryan isn’t sure what he should test for so he asks you. As a molecular biologist, you know that it is fairly simple to look for the NANOG gene, the NANOG mRNA and the NANOG protein. Whic...
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