Bio100 F12 Exam 1 answer key

This question was intended to say that the kinase

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Unformatted text preview: es ubiquitin- dependent proteolysis. B15. RTK has a mutation such that it cannot undergo receptor- mediated endocytosis. B16. TFa causes a gene to be expressed that makes TK3, a phosphatase that is always activated and targets (inactivates) TK2. Given that receptor- mediated endocytosis, and protein turnover by ubiquitin- dependent proteolysis are always happening, which of the following would produce an oscillating output from a signaling pathway where the signal was constantly present? (A = Yes; B = No) B17. No change is required; Receptor - TK1 - TK2 - TFa – pathway will oscillate all by itself. A18. If TFa activated a gene that produced a phosphatase that targeted TK2. A or B19. If TFa activated a gene that produced a kinase that targeted TK2. This questi...
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