Bio100 F12 Exam 1 answer key

What is a molecular explanation for the absence of

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Unformatted text preview: its lifetime (SR, skin, neuron of some combination of them)? Briefly describe your reasoning. The SR signal was received (since DET genes must have been turned on at some point because you have differentiating pathway components). Since TF of Skin DIFF is in nucleus then Skin DIFF signal must have been received as well. B. (2 pt) This cell is most likely (circle one) C a. A non- dividing stem cell b. A dividing stem cell c. A differentiating skin cell d. A differentiating neuron cell Explain which piece(s) of evidence led you to that conclusion? The key piece of evidence is that TF of skin DIFF is in nucleus meaning that the cell received the skin DIFF signal (because only then will TF get phosphorylated and enter the nucleus). Bio100 F12 Exam 1 Prof. Francis 4 For each of the following questions, answer yes or no and then briefly justify your reasoning C....
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