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Individual left study right censoring true survival

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Unformatted text preview: l no. of subjects Step/decreasing function that starts at 1. Censoring: survival times are incomplete. Individual left study. Right censoring: true survival time greater than the observed. Use Kaplan-Meier estimator to account for censoring. UNM Arrange survival times in increasing order y(1) ≤ y(2) ≤ y(3) . . . dj number of deaths that occur in the interval y(j ) − δ, y(j ) . nj number of subjects alive just before y(j ) Probability of survival past y(j ) is approximated as nj − dj nj The Kaplan Meier estimate for y(k ) ≤ y < y(k +1) is k ˆ S (y ) = j =1 nj − dj nj UNM Example: 21 remission times of Leukemia pati...
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