Logistic Regression Notes

Odds ratio is relative to category 1 somewhat a

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Unformatted text preview: = = πjp /π1p πja /π1a πjp /πja = exp(β1j ) π1p /π1a or log (ORj ) = β1j . Odds ratio is relative to category 1. Somewhat a measure of factor effect. Wouldn’t it be easier to compare πjp with πja ? RRj = πjp πja UNM Ordinal Logistic regression Random variable Z difficult to measure (latent variable). Z could be ”income”, perhaps we know cutoff points −∞ < c1 < c2 < c3 . . . < cj −1 < ∞ Category j is established if cj −1 < Z < cj . Therefore πj = Pr (cj −1 < Z < cj ) is the probability associated to category j . Notice that larger Z values, the more ”preferable” the category. De...
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