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Increased resistance increases flow d flow direction

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Unformatted text preview: ntration b. Liquid resistance is directly proportional to vascular diameter c. Increased resistance increases flow d. Flow direction is from high pressure to low pressure 4. For an amplification cascade to function properly, for example in blood clotting, the intermediate activated molecules must include: a. plasminogin d. TPA b. catalysts e. ions c. small organic molecules 5. An athlete has died. His hematocrit is 62%. He may have had a heart attack or a stroke; an event which has interfered with normal blood flow in a crucial area. You suspect he has been abusing performance-enhancing drugs. Given the symptoms, which one of the following drugs is he most likely to have abused? a. Amphetamines c. Erythropoietin b. Creatine d. ana...
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