C PT1, why a heart, blood

A aorta and right atria d left ventricle and right

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Unformatted text preview: bolic steroids 6. In which of the following structures is the blood flow parallel to one another? a. aorta and right atria d. left ventricle and right kidney b. left kidney and right brain e. left lung and left ventricle c. left lung and right ventricle 7. What determines the direction of blood flow through the cardiovascular system? a. The resistance decreases in the forward direction as blood flows through the arteries b. Sequential contraction of the atria and ventricles of the heart c. The electrical conduction pathway that carries cardiac action potentials d. One ­way valves 8. Except for a few exceptions, systemic capillary beds are arranged in: a. Parallel c. bipolar fashion b. Series d. pairs Bioh 185, Practice Test, Why a heart, blood; page 2...
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