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08/23/07 KEYS IMSE 250 Quiz #2 (1) According to the videotape, when should you wear eye protection? (A) “Every moment on the job”. (B) Only when you operate a “dangerous” machine. (2) According to the videotape, do you need to wear eye protection when you just visit a machine shop? (A) Yes. (B) No. (3) If you only wear eye protection when a safety inspector or your supervisor is looking at you, you are fooling _________ (A) everyone. (B) your supervisor or the safety inspector. (C) nobody but yourself. (4) In the “Eye Protection” video, if it had been a piece of non-magnetic materials (glass or aluminum) instead of a magnetic metal that went into one of Steve’s eyes, it would have been
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Unformatted text preview: ________ to get the piece out. (A) easier (B) more difficult (5) Both steels and cast iron are iron-carbon alloys. (A) True. (B) False. (6) Both brasses and bronzes contain copper. (A) True. (B) False. (7) Generally speaking, ceramic materials have lower thermal conductivity than metals. (A) True. (B) False. (8) Generally speaking, metals have lower thermal conductivity than plastics. (A) True. (B) False. (9) Generally speaking, the melting point of ceramics is _______ than that of metals. (A) lower (B) higher. (10) In the past three decades, US composites shipment has declined. (A) True. (B) False....
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