sample essays - Current research on the beauty culture has...

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Current research on the beauty culture has to be re-evaluated. It is believed that women strive to succeed in the thin culture, where every woman has an ideal image of a skinny, tall, and beautiful women as the perfect type. However this is not true, because problems such as eating disorders and addictive plastic surgery occur in non thin cultures. Current scholarly approaches include three models that categorize eating disorders. The first model is the biomedical model where it is used to explain why people have eating disorders and possible treatment. Under this model, eating disorders are physiological meaning they occur inside the body. This may be the case in some situations but it does not describe all women. This model ignores social and cultural factors, which influences many people to have eating disorders. The second model is the psychological model. This model based eating disorders as a disease occurring only in white, middle class women. Since there is little to no research done on eating disorders in minority groups, this model ignores women with problems that don’t fit the criteria for the disorder. This is very dangerous and in many cases causes misdiagnosis and ignorance from doctors to the minority groups. This model uses emotions, mind processes and cultural factors to determine why eating disorders started and uses therapeutic treatment. This model is effective because our consumer culture strives on being perfect by purchasing and having the best material products which ultimately make you look beautiful too. The third model is the feminist model which says that eating disorders are gendered and are mainly for
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sample essays - Current research on the beauty culture has...

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