15 example 6 an experiment with three outcomes has

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Unformatted text preview: omes has been repeated 50 times, and it was learned that outcome 1 occurred 20 times, outcome 2 occurred 13 times, and outcome 3 occurred 17 times. Assign probabilities to the outcomes. What method did you use? Introduction to Probability and Set Theory Introduction Set Theory Solution. Probability 1.16 Notes Example 7 Introduction to Probability and Set Theory Notes A decision maker subjectively assigned the following probabilities to the four outcomes of an experiment: P(E1 ) = 0.1 P(E2 ) = 0.15 P(E3 ) = 0.4 P(E4 ) = 0.2 Introduction Are these probability assignments legitimate? Explain. Set Theory Probability Solution. 1.17 Summar...
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