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It is the set with 0 element and is written as and

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Unformatted text preview: et with 0 element and is written as ∅. Ω and ∅ are complements Notes Introduction Set Theory Probability Complement: a set that contains all of the elements in the sample space that are not in the original set Event: any subset of the sample space. It can be one or more elements 1.7 Introduction to Probability and Set Theory Complement Sample space Ω Introduction Set Theory Probability Ac A 1.8 Notes Example 2 Let us examine what happens in the flip of 3 fair coins. In this case Ω = {(T , T , T ), (T , T , H ), (T , H , T ), (H , T , T ) , (T , H , H ), (H , T , H ), (H , H , T ), (H , H , H )}. Let A be the event of exactly 2 tails. Let B b...
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