Let x denote the number of heads tossed in the 3 ips

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Unformatted text preview: of heads tossed in the 3 flips. Create a pmf for X Solution. From Variables to Random Variables X 0 1 2 3 pX (x ) Probability Mass Function 1 8 3 8 3 8 1 8 9.9 Basic Properties of a PMF 0 ≤ pX (x ) ≤ 1, ∀x ∈ R Random Variables and Probability Mass Functions {x ∈ R : pX (x ) = 0} is countable. That is the set of real numbers for which a pmf is nonzero is countable pX (x ) = 1. The sum of the values of a pmf equals 1 x From Variables to Random Variables Probability Mass Function 9.10 Notes Random...
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