6 years precession cycle 26000 years chandler wobble

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Unformatted text preview: e out as you go through life •  Find applica8ons of PaUern Recogni8on •  Share them Earth Mo8on •  •  •  •  •  •  Rota8on about axis (1 day) Lunar orbit (28 days) Solar orbit (365 days) Chandler wobble (433 days/7 years) Earth Nuta8on (18.6 years) Precession cycle (26,000 years) Chandler wobble •  The Chandler wobble is a small mo8on in the Earth's axis of rota8on rela8ve to the Earth's surface, which was discovered by American astronomer Seth Carlo Chandler in 1891. It amounts to 20 feet (9 meters) on the Earth's surface and has a period of 433 days. This wobble combines with another wobble with a period of one year so that the total polar mo8on varies with a period of about 7 years. The Chandler wobble is an example of the kind of mo8on that can occur for a spinning object that is not a sphere; this...
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