MGT502 Organizational Behavior Quiz # 3 Solved MCQs

Cons ens us oc c urs if every one who is fac ed with

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Unformatted text preview: ns ens us . Cons ens us oc c urs if every one who is fac ed with a s imilar s ituation res ponds in the s ame way . If c ons ens us is high, y ou would be ex pec ted to give an ex ternal attribution. Cons is tenc y : The more c ons is tent the behavior, the more the obs erver is inc lined to attribute it to internal c aus es .. 8. A threatened s trik e ac tion by a labor union to forc e the management to ac c ept their demands is an ex ample of whic h of the following power? A. Referent power B. Legitimate power C. Reward power D. Coerc ive power Coerc ive power. 9. W hic h of the following departmentaliz ation c an be c ons idered nec es s ary in an organiz ation where the c ompany ’s produc ts fall into s everal c ategories with very different produc tion methods for eac h c ategory ? A. Cus tomer B. Produc tion C. Proc es s D. Matrix Proc es s . 10. Sabohi has a job whic h pay s an ex c ellent s alary . She has a good relations hip with her peers and her s upervis ors . She als o lik es the fac t that the c ompany polic y fits well with what s he pers onally believes , and that s he has rec eived c ons iderable rec ognition for her ac hievements at...
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