MGT502 Organizational Behavior Quiz # 3 Solved MCQs

He never c ons idered that the elevators were out and

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Unformatted text preview: ime. He never c ons idered that the elevators were out and y ou had to walk up 10 flights of s tairs . Your bos s is guilty of _____. A. Self-s erving bias B. Selec tive perc eption C. Fundamental attribution error D. Inc ons is tenc y Fundamental attribution error. s/212- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour /5359- mg t502- or g anizational- behavior - q uiz- 3- solved- mcq s.html?tmpl= component&pr int= 1… 1/3 1/23/2014 M GT502 Or g anizational Behavior Quiz # 3 Solved M CQs 5. Mr.Junaid rated Mr.Jibran high in his job evaluation bec aus e both belong to s ame area and graduated from the s ame Univers ity . It is an ex ample of: A. Central Tendenc y B. Halo effec t C. Similar-to-me effec t D. Mis perc eption The Similar-to-Me Effec t. Res earc h has c learly s hown that interviewers and s upervis ors have an unc ons c ious tendenc y to favor people who are phy s ic ally and profes s ionally s imilar to them. This is one of the fac tors that holds women and minorities bac k in the work ing...
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