MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Solved MCQs Set 5

Ans wer organizational citizens hip age race gender

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Unformatted text preview: wer: Organizational citizens hip Age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and disability status are examples of ________. Ans wer: s urface-level divers ity W hich of the follow ing is an example of a deep-level diversity difference that might cause challenges betw een these tw o co-w orkers? Ans wer: Marina is s hy and quiet. Am it is outgoing. Exclusion and incivility are difficult forms of discrimination to root out because ________. Ans wer: they are im pos s ible to obs erve and m ay occur unintentionally Research show s that w hich of the follow ing is likely to decrease as a w orker grow s older? Ans wer: likelihood of quitting s/212- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour /5914- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour - solved- mcq s- set- 5.html?tmpl= component&pr int= 1&… 1/5 1/23/2014 M GT502 Or g anizational Behaviour Solved M CQs Set 5 W hich of the follow ing is the most likely explanation for the higher absentee rate of w omen in the w orkplace? Ans wer: Traditionally, wom en have had the res pons ibility of caring for hom e and fam ily. W hat did the passage of the Americans w ith Disabilities Act (ADA) require employers to do? Ans wer: m ake the workplace acces s ible to dis abled individuals Studies indicate that w hich of the follow ing tends to decrease w ith increased tenure? Ans wer: abs enteeis m W hich of the follow ing do employers need to take into consideration w hen dealing w ith transgender employees? Ans wer: bathroom us e W hich of the follow ing defines the overall factor of intelligence, as suggested by the positive correlations among specific intellectual ability dimensio...
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