MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Solved MCQs Set 5

Ans wer general m ental ability members of w hich of

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Unformatted text preview: ns? Ans wer: general m ental ability Members of w hich of the follow ing groups are least likely to turn over in a job? Ans wer: non-Whites in a predom inantly non-White work group http://www.vuzs .net/ W hich of the follow ing is an example of an affective attitude? Ans wer: Anger at being unfairly accus ed of a wrongdoing. Sheila w orks for a manufacturer of styrofoam trays for school lunches. Last year her son come home from school and told her that the trays she makes go straight to the landfill w here they sit for hundreds of years w ithout ever biodegrading. Although this information bothers Sheila, she does not look for another job because she enjoys her very high salary. W hich dissonance moderating factor is illustrated by this example? Ans wer: High dis s onance is tolerated becaus e of a high reward. In her w ork in the publishing industry, Vera seeks out new authors w ho she considers promising. In the past tw o years she has found a number of new w riters w hose w ork she thought w as exceptional, and immersed herself in the task of helping them shape their manuscripts for submission to her managers for publishing. Although she w as extremely proud of the results, none of the authors she w orked w ith w ere chosen for publication. Vera believes that the decision not to publish these authors w as based on personal rivalries w ithin management, rather than the quality of her w riters' w ork. She is extremely frustrated, dreads coming into w ork each morning, and is seriously thinking of resigning. How can Vera's job attitudes best be described? Ans wer: low job s atis faction and high job involvem ent Guillermo's w ife w as recently diagnosed w ith breast canc...
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