MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Solved MCQs Set 5

W hen you arrived late from lunch he assumed that you

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Unformatted text preview: r gives you the benefit of the doubt. W hen you arrived late from lunch, he assumed that you had simply taken too much time. He never considered that the elevators w ere out and you had to w alk up 10 flights of stairs. Your boss is guilty of ________. Ans wer: fundam ental attribution error W henever Jane is successful she takes full credit for w hat has happened, but w henever she is unsuccessful she attributes her failure to bad luck or blames one of her fellow employees. She is guilty of ________. Ans wer: s elf-s erving bias A committee is made up of 12 managers: three each from the sales, production, accounting, and human resources departments. They read a comprehensive study of the company they w ork for, and are asked w hich of its recommendations are most important. In discussion they find that the managers perceive that the most important recommendations are those concerning their ow n departments. This finding is most likely the result of w hat type of bias? Ans wer: s elective perception Your rating in a job interview is high in contrast to the candidate w ho w as interview ed directly before you, w ho w as rated extremely low . Your ow n high rating might be partially attributed to w hich of the follow ing? Ans wer: contras t effects Avoiding making decisions on Friday the 13th can be an example of w hich bias? Ans wer: random nes s Tom know s that the title insurance company made a mistake on his property title. Because of their mistake, his neighbor now has access to an easement road through his back 25 acres. He can't use the acreage for pasture, because his neighbo...
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