MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Solved MCQs Set 1

Ans wer t julie w ishes to apply maslow s hierarchy

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Unformatted text preview: related to job performance. Ans wer T Julie w ishes to apply Maslow 's hierarchy in her w orkplace. She is interested in how various employee needs are s/212- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour /5909- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour - solved- mcq s- set- 1.html?tmpl= component&pr int= 1&… 4/6 1/23/2014 M GT502 Or g anizational Behaviour Solved M CQs Set 1 met by the organization. The organization will find that em ployees ' s elf-actualization needs are the eas ies t to s atis fy Ans wer F Self-efficacy refers to an individual's belief that he or she is capable of performing. Ans wer T According to Alderfer, once an employee's existence needs are substantially satisfied, the employee moves on to his or her relatedness needs. Ans wer T W ithin McClelland's theory of needs, the need for pow er is the drive to excel, and to achieve in relation to a set of standards. Ans wer F The most important thing to John after 15 years w ith the same company is his job title and public recognition. This indicates that he is at the self-actualization stage of Maslow 's hierarchy. Ans wer T Institutions such as prisons and the military are unlikely to embrace Theory X Ans wer F Xavier is considered to be a very sensitive manager w hen it come to the issues facing...
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