MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Solved MCQs Set 1

The people in your department have asked you to

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Unformatted text preview: ment by objectives program. The people in your department have asked you to explain the program and help them understand how it w ill affect them. W hich of the follow ing is an example of an MBO objective? a) quality of all products s hould increas e s ubs tantially b) telephone orders s hould be proces s ed prom ptly c) com pany cos ts s hould be decreas ed as m uch as pos s ible d) s ales s hould be increas ed by two percent e) new cus tom ers s hould be brought in on a regular bas is Ans wer d) s als s hould be increas ed by two percent Performance evaluations done by one's associates is called a) im m ediate s ubordinate(s ) review b) im m ediate s uperior's review c) the com prehens ive approach: 360 degree evaluation d) com bined s ubordinate/s uperior review e) peer review Ans wer e) peer review Jason faced a real uproar recently from his employees after they received their annual pay increases. The main complaint w as that his employees didn't think that the process by w hich the increases w ere aw arded w as fair. This is an example of a) interactional jus tice b) operant jus tice c) procedural jus tice d) dis tributive jus tice e) equitable jus tice Ans wer c) procedural jus tice The premise that higher level needs can emerge before low er level needs are met is part of a) ERG theory b) proces s theory c) Mas low's theory d) expectancy theory e) valence theory Ans wer a) ERG theory According to cognitive evaluation theory, pay should not be directly...
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