MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Solved MCQs Set 2

A anxiety b encounter c m etam orphos is d adjus tm

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Unformatted text preview: ons, the employee is most like to be disillusioned and quit during w hich stage? a) anxiety b) encounter c) m etam orphos is d) adjus tm ent e) prearrival Ans wer b) encounter W hich of the follow ing is not considered to be a characteristic of organizational culture? a) outcom e orientation b) people orientation c) innovation d) ins tability e) aggres s ivenes s Ans wer d) ins tability W hich of the follow ing does not sustain an organizational culture? a) prom otion procedures b) s election practis es c) s ocialization d) form alization e) top m anagem ent Ans wer d) form alization Smaller cultures w ithin an organization, typically define by departmental designations and geographical separation, are often called: a) s trong cultures b) m ixed cultures c) dom inant cultures d) departm ental entities e) s ubcultures Ans wer e) s ubcultures How does "top management'' have a major impact on an organization's culture? a) providing appropriate training b) m aintaining traditions of pas t practis es c) ens uring a proper m atch of pers onal and organizational values d) es tablis hing norm s that filter down through the organization e) s ocializing the applicant Ans wer d) es tablis hing norm s that filter down through the organization s/212- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour /5910- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour - solved- mcq s- set- 2.html?tmpl= component&pr int= … 10/13 1/23/2014 M GT502 Or g anizational Behaviour Solved M CQs Set 2 Culture has a boundry-defing role; it creates distinctions betw een one organization and others Ans wer T Given the relative pow er asymmetries it is unlikely that a subculture could undermine the dominant culture Ans wer F A strong culture can be a liability Ans wer T The size and layout of an organization's corporate headquarters exemplifies material symbols Ans wer T Three forces play a particularly important part in sustaining culture: selection practises, promotion policies, and socialization methods. Ans wer F A strong culture provides a supportive atmosphere for diversity Ans wer F Organizational culture can be transmitted to employees by stories, rituals, material symbols, and language Ans wer T Culture sets the tone for how an organization operated and how individual members w ithin the organization interact Ans wer F The degree to w hich organizational activities emphasize maintaining the status quo in contrast to grow th is termed stability Ans wer T The degree to w hich management focuses on results rather than on techniques and processes termed outcome orientation Ans wer T All organizations w ithin an industry use the terminology designated by the industry so that their employees can move freely from organization to organization Ans wer F Research studies in diverse settings confirm that functionality of conflict, particularity as it relates to productivity. Ans wer T Dysfunctional conflicts hinder a group's performance Ans wer T Arbitration is a process in w hich tw o or more...
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