MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Solved MCQs Set 4

You should expect w ould a be com fortable with s

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Unformatted text preview: e Simpson rates low on conscientiousness. You should expect w ould: a) be com fortable with s olitude b) be eas ily dis tracted c) be achievem ent oriented d) find com fort in the fam iliar e) be nervous , depres s ed, and ins ecure Ans wer b) be eas ily dis tracted W hich activity has long been recommended by physicians as a w ay to deal w ith excessive stress levels? a) boxing b) walking c) r u g b y d) football e) s occer Ans wer b) walking One reason to consider graphic rating scales is: a) quality of res ult b) their s uperiority to all other form s of evaluation c) they require little tim e to com plete d) accuracy e) breadth of inform ation Ans wer d) accuracy Norms develop in one or more of four w ays. W hich of the follow ing is not one of these w ays? a) explicit s tatem ents m ade by a group m em ber b) critical events in the group's his tory c) s etting behaviour for every conceivable s ituation d) prim acy - the firs t behaviour pattern that em erges e) carry-over behaviours from pas t s ituations Ans wer c) s etting behaviour for every conceivable s ituation All communication occurs w ith a __________, and violation of the _____ may create additional problems in sending and receiving messages. a) context; context b) filter; grapevine c) m es s age; channel d) channel; channel e) context; feedback loop Ans wer a) context; context Application of organizational behaviour concepts is most useful w ithin organizations or employment situations only Ans wer F Interview ers make perceptual judgements during interview s that affect w hether an individual is hired. Ans wer T Dissatisfied employees are more likely to miss w ork, but the correlation is only moderate Ans wer T The choice of the performance evaluation system as little effect on employee behaviour Ans wer F s/212- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour /5912- mg t502- or g anizational- behaviour - solved- mcq s- set- 4.html?tmpl= component&pr int= 1… 6/13 1/23/2014 M GT502 Or g anizational Behaviour Solved M CQs Set 4 Flextime tends to reduce absenteeism Ans wer T Role expectation w ould assist in mentorship programs Ans wer T Information overload is a conditio in w hich information inflow exceeds an individual's processing capacity Ans wer T Information pow er is derived from access to and control over information Ans wer T Learning, perception, and personality have been OB topics w hose contributions have generally come from psychology Ans wer T If you expect older w orkers to be unable to learn a new job skill, that is probably w hat you w ill perceive, w hether it is accurate or not Ans wer T All of the follow ing contribute to a toxic organization except: a) terroris m b) downs izing c) s udden death of a key m anager d) organizational change e) s trong com petition from a s tart-up com pany Ans wer a) terroris m Affective conflict is: a) im pers onal and bas ed on is s ues rather than a pers onality b) em otional and aim ed at a pers on rather than an is s ue c) a divergent hierarchy of goals d) a cons equence of the requirem ents of the job e) related to differences in pers pectives Ans wer b) em otional and aim ed at a pers on rather than an is s ue Recent research studies in gender differences in negotiating styles and effectiveness show than a) there are m any reliable conclus ions b) there are few reliable conclus ions c) wom en are bett...
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