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chem lab exam review

chem lab exam review - Christine Schramm Dr Robert Richman...

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Christine Schramm Dr. Robert Richman Introduction to Chemistry 02 December 2007 1. Appropriate volumetric glassware to use for particular laboratory procedures: Erlenmeyer flasks: contains liquids; various sizes Volumetric flasks: prepare standard solutions; various sizes Filter flask: vacuum filtration Beakers: contains liquids; various sizes Florence flasks: contains liquids; various sizes Graduated cylinders: measure liquid volume; various sizes Burets: measure liquid volume, various sizes Transfer pipets: transfer liquids quantitatively; various sizes Volumetric pipets: transfer liquids quantitatively, various sizes 2. Write a short error analysis for: Separating Food Dyes by Paper Chromatography While dropping the dyes on the chromatography paper, there was no exact way to make sure that there was the proper amount of dye on the paper to carry out the experiment. After dropping the dyes on the chromatography paper, the paper had to be stapled. If the paper was overlapping, or not straight when stapled, the dyes
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