A sense of fairness suggests that something is wrong

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Unformatted text preview: d having the customer who arrived 15 minutes earlier than you or who has a coupon, pay half the price for the same meal. A sense of fairness suggests that something is wrong and some customers resent the difference. 2. Most customers have come to accept revenue management and take full advantage of the opportunities it affords. The multiple pricing of revenue management by definition satisfies more customers (customers use the services) and the firm utilizes resources more effectively. 3. Many customers take exception to the variation in pricing—different prices for the same service seem inherently wrong to many people and management need to be prepared for the irate customer. 4. Some customers will manipulate the system by booking tickets on flights that have a stopover in a city they travel to, but which has a higher fare than the destination flight. They exit the plane at the stopover city—saving money. For instance, if the flight from New York to Chicago is less than the flight to the stopover city—say Pittsburgh, a cust...
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