And of course customers use the system by finding the

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Unformatted text preview: omer can book the flight to Chicago but get off in Pittsburgh. You might ask students to discuss the ethics of this manipulation. And, of course, customers use the system by finding the positions on the revenue management curve that works for them. Sometimes this means shopping for tickets weeks in advance and taking the risk of a change CHAPTER 13 A G G R E G A T E P L A N N I N G in plans, or going to the restaurant early, or finding and using those discount coupons. How much work do you want to do for a discount? It turns out that some people will not do the work necessary to use the system to their advantage. ACTIVE MODEL EXERCISE ACTIVE MODEL 13.1: Aggregate Planning 1. Each worker makes five units per day. If the number of workers is reduced from 10 to 9, dropping the daily capacity, what happens to the cost? The cost actually drops to $54,465. This is due to drops in the amount of inventory that is maintained. 2. What regular time level minimizes the total cost? 39 units 3...
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